Silk Tweed Luxe Cap - Dreamy

Silk Tweed Luxe Cap - Dreamy

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This is a cap with a story. The outer layer is a silk tweed, which in itself is deluxe & special (we've never even heard of a silk tweed before we met this fabric!), but even more special is the fact that the material is zero-waste. The silk was collected from a luxury fabric supplier's inventory of pieces too small to make something else with - the trimmings of dresses, shirts, etc. Rather than tossing those tiny pieces, they cut & rolled them into strips and wove them into a tweed! Then, they were sewn into hats in NYC. Bottom line: you'll be the only gal in a cap like this.

As you can see, we love this cap in the queen role of a high-low look; pair it with jeans and a casual winter jacket...or wear it going out Saturday night with your fancier ensemble - either way, you'll slay! 

Due to the fine nature of this material, be careful of jewelry snagging it! Treat it with extra care, because it's extra special.

Outer Fabric: 100% silk

Inner Lining: 100% cotton

S/M: 21" circumference (adjustable with slider by 2" up or down), 6" length of side panel (top center to base, above ear).

M/L: 23" circumference (adjustable with slider by 2" up or down), 6.5" length of side panel (top center to to base, above ear).

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