what we're about

LeTovah was founded by Chloe Nash Rosen, as her wish for a more verdant future. Her decade in the buying industry imparted that the majority of beautiful objects on the market is made & sold in ways that hurt the planet. LeTovah is endeavoring to do things a little better:
  • 10% of profit is directed towards the earth through funding research & activism.
  • Our supply chain is fair trade & zero-waste.
  • All of our products are composed of natural fibers that are gentler on the planet (no microplastics here!).
  • Our scarves are compostable.
  • Our baseball caps are locally hand-sewn (NYC).
We are focused on quality, longevity, and doing as much good possible, every step of the way. 
We are continuously exploring the most eco-friendly practices, and hope to spark a conversation around environmentally-informed consumption. 

LeTovah means for goodness or to goodness in Hebrew. LeTovah's mission is to spread goodness through objects of beauty.

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